Kari is faced with a life or death situation when she crosses paths with Rona Cummins. She is forced to reveal secrets that Kari didn’t  even know she had. With the help of Kari’s mom Sofia Kari is able to uncover those secrets and better to understand them. Lynne Robertson is Kari’s best friend. She stays by Kari’s side throughout the whole book, and even puts her own life in danger to help Kari.

Kari London is a regular fifteen- year old girl who lives with her mother in Willistown, Ohio. As the book progresses Kari finds herself becoming more and more doubtful about her true identity. She is faced with hard, life threatening decision that won’t only affect her but the people around her. She really grew throughout the story. At the begging at the story she was a girl who didn’t really know much about the past and never really bothered asking about it. Since it was only her mother and her, she figured out most of the stories her mom told her about her childhood were true. She had some doubts about somethings that didn’t make sense. By the end of the story she knew every thing about where she came from and who she really was. She went from not understanding part of her life to know the whole truth.

The setting of this book is in Willistown, Ohio and in Cryth   believed to  be in California. The story takes place in Willistown, Ohio. This book establishes an interesting mood. It has many twist, turns, and a lot of emotions that you wouldn’t think it was just another fictional story.

At the begging of the story Kari, Lynne, and two more of their friends are at a sleep over at Lynne’s house. The girls didn’t know what to do for fun so they decide to hypnotize Kari. While under hypnosis Kari said said some very strange things. One of them was,” Sazahly Molya ste eha dostahna.” This lead to strange and mysterious things yet to happen in this book.  Another important event in the book is when Kari’s mom disappeared. Her disappearance open the door for Kari to uncover many secrets about her past that she didn’t know. 

The authors overall message to the reader is that somethings are better off left unknown. Memories are important but dedicating your life to remember everry single thing that happened to you is not good. ( You need to remember all the good things in your life and most of the bad things too.) That’s just a part of life. 

I would recommend this book to others for many reasons. This book is interesting, exciting, and mysterious. The characters in this book are the same age as my friends and me which makes it even better. The things that are going on and the details the author uses make this fictional book seem real. I believe if I tell my friends or anyone else to read it, they will enjoy it as much as I did. I’m not much of a reader, but this book has really got me hooked. It keeps you guessing as new secrets are revealed. If it was up to me, I’d make this book into a movie. This book is truley amazing.

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